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6 reasons To Get Rid Of Your Old Heavy Projector Once And For All!

6 reasons To Get Rid Of Your Old Heavy Projector Once And For All!

Do you require a portable LED mini projector that is wireless? A number of portable projectors have been introduced during the last ten years, but none have succeeded to maintain sales due to their short battery life, insufficient brightness, insufficient resolution, and lack of wireless compatibility for connecting to mobile phones. 

However, since 2019, the market for Engsa portable pocket projectors has begun to grow. Before making a purchase, you should ask yourself the following questions: "What am I going to do with a portable projector? What specifics should I think about?" We'll go over what you need to know as well as a few key points to remember.

Cinema under the stars: using your projector on a camping trip

Points to remember: It's not too heavy to carry about, and the fewer cables make it safer.

Doesn't seeing your camping mates and all the photos you've taken together get your heart racing and make you want to pack your belongings and head out with them right away? Camping is becoming increasingly popular as a recreational activity. The only drawback is that after you've entered the wilderness, you can only enjoy the scenery of mountains and streams during the day; as the sun sets, there's not much to do. Consider how wonderful a starry evening cinema sky can be! 

There are three factors to consider while projecting a movie while camping:

1. Size. You'd never muster the motivation to leave your house if you had to lug a large projector along with a lot of other gear when camping. It is considerably more convenient if the projector can be loaded into its own storage bag!

2. Battery Life. Although there are outlets near the tourist center, many campsites do not have electricity. It would be enough to watch one movie each night if the projector could play for at least three hours.

3. It is critical to be wireless. Trip hazards such as cables are one of the most dangerous hazards at a campsite, and they're also a pain to deal with. As a result, buyers should think about whether the projector can read a flash drive, project wirelessly from a smartphone, or play video/slideshows directly from storage. Now you'll be able to spend the evening together!


Lazy Mode: flexible angles even allows you to project onto the ceiling

Guide points: easy installation, tripod mountable, supports wireless casting from Android / iOS cellphones or tablets

Ceiling projection lets you lie down and watch the show

When the weekend arrives and you've had a long week, you simply want to be at home. You could be too exhausted to even sit on the couch. You can cast straight up, onto the ceiling, using our well-designed portable projector. While reclining in bed, you can comfortably watch movies.

Three key points of Lazy Mode:

4. Simple to set up: All you want to do when you come home is relax. As a result, the less complicated the setup, the better. You'll find that our features are quite beneficial. The auto keystone feature ensures that the image is exactly squared. With a simple projection mode, a straightforward UI, and a handy tilting hinge, large images may be projected effortlessly anyplace.

5. Supports tripod mounting: The portable projector can be mounted on a tripod if space is limited. The convenience of a 1/4 inch standard screw hole is maximized.

6. Wireless projection from iOS/Android phones is supported. It's critical that cords don't get in the way if you want to lie down and project onto the ceiling. Wireless projection of devices over a local WiFi area network is supported, making it incredibly easy to sling the projector screen from a phone [iPhone or Android], tablet, or computer/notebook.



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